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Welcome to

“The Eat Healthy First

Nutrition Plan”

By Lloyd Haynie



‘Eat Healthy First’ is a nutrition plan designed to:

Ø        Reduce the formation of chronic diseases.

Ø        Provide 100% of all known nutrients while still controlling caloric intake.  

Ø        Allow the joy of eating delicious foods even ice cream and apple pie!



After 10 years and thousands of hours of research I am 100% convinced that eating properly throughout ones lifetime, will reduce the formation and severity of chronic diseases by over 90% and will add 15 or more healthy years to a persons lifespan. The major question that has to be answered is, “What is eating properly?” It is my goal in ‘Eat Healthy First’ to provide to you a nutrition plan that is based on the best available nutritional research to answer that question.


Historically nutritional plans have focused only on obtaining basic nutrients like vitamins and minerals. Despite our efforts to obtain basic nutrients through the use of supplements, we have had little luck in stemming the rampant growth of chronic diseases. Basic nutrients, vitamins and minerals, are extremely important in our everyday physiological activities, but most of these only play minor roles in the prevention of chronic diseases. Most chronic diseases are caused by poor dietary habits that are distinctly different than those that provide our basic nutrients.




The section ‘Diet & Disease Formation’ presents several nutritional concepts that are central to the formation of chronic diseases.


In order to reduce the formation of chronic diseases, these concepts need to be understood and followed.


Ø        The accumulation of Modified Proteins is the common link in the formation of nearly every chronic disease.

Ø        Free Radicals cause extensive damage to cells and shorten their life span.

Ø        Poor Cooking habits can destroy the nutrient value of even the healthiest of foods.

Ø        Weight Management is a critical tool in preventing chronic diseases.

Ø        Cholesterol and Lipoproteins are the most misunderstood concepts in nutrition and medicine.

Ø        Risk Factors for Disease Formation gives some useful tools to help and identify your risk for developing a chronic disease.

Ø        Epigenomics is a new and exciting twist on how we alter the expression of our genetic code.



Since 1990 our nutritional knowledge has been evolving to provide a much better understanding of what constitutes good nutrition, especially that which influences the formation of chronic diseases. In order to create the ‘Eat Healthy First Nutrition Plan’, the findings of hundreds of well designed research projects have been compiled: then organized into a format that can be easily understood and used by a beginner or by those seeking a greater in-depth knowledge of nutrition. ‘EHF’ starts with a simple explanation of what or what not to eat and why it is important. Then for those who want to expand their knowledge base, ‘EHF’ goes into an in-depth discussion of the subject at hand.


There are no magic bullets, super foods, or super supplements that will lead instantaneously to better health. Good health comes from a lifetime of eating properly, day in and day out, and then combining good nutrition with good lifestyle choices. Vitamins and minerals are extremely important in the every day physiological functions of our body, but they need the help of many other nutrients which are not found in supplements and can only be obtained by eating a well-balanced selection of foods.


The potential to use nutrition for the prevention of chronic diseases is just now being realized. The most surprising thing you are going to learn is that most chronic diseases are caused by poor management of foods that we need to live: carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Contrary to popular belief vitamins and minerals only play secondary roles in chronic disease formation.


Non nutritional factors, like pollution and tobacco also cause chronic diseases. They will be discussed in the context of how good nutrition reduces their harmful actions, while poor nutrition can potentiate their harm.


On the other hand regular exercise has been shown to be an equal co-factor in reducing chronic diseases. Although ‘EHF’ focuses on the nutritional side of this relationship it fully recognizes the importance of its partner, exercise.


As you explore ‘The Eat Healthy First Nutrition Plan’ (referred to as ‘EHF’ for short), you will find that achieving good nutrition is easy to do and includes an incredible array of delicious foods. Yes! Even ice-cream, chocolate, and apple pie are included! Most likely you will need to add some new foods to provide missing nutrients, while reducing or avoiding certain harmful foods. All in all, you will find that most of your favorite recipes and foods can still be used with just small adjustments to make them healthier.


The practical side of ‘EHF’ is actually quite simple, and includes foods from every group. The most nutritious foods from each group are identified, so you can get optimum nutrition from a minimum amount of calories. Not everyone is going to eat healthy food at every meal, so ‘EHF’ will even show you how to sneak in a few bad foods without them becoming overly harmful.


Optimum health only occurs when all aspects of nutrition are combined into a balanced nutritional program. The different aspects of nutrition are so intertwined that is difficult to fully understand one part until you have knowledge of the others. Be patient! As your knowledge of the whole grows, it will become much easier to understand the subtle aspects of each of the individual parts.